What should I expect?

Sunday Mornings at Crabapple


Sunday morning attendance is between 300 and 350 people. Dress trends toward business-casual, though you can find anything from khakis to gray suits, flip flops to dress shoes. People are friendly and you can expect that several of the folks sitting around you in the service will introduce themselves. Age-wise, we are pretty diverse.

When You Arrive

On Sunday morning at 9:15 am, we come together for an hour for our small group Sunday school in which we study God’s Word and its application to all areas of life. You can find small group classes that are right for you and your children by visiting our "Welcome Center." Someone there will be glad to assist you. Following Sunday School, we begin our Sunday morning service at 10:30am.

For Your Children

Wee C.A.R.E. childcare for preschool children is available during the service. After Sunday School preschoolers will remain in their rooms for Wee C.A.R.E. during morning worship. KidStyle Children's Worship is available for children from Kindergarten-2nd Grade. Parents worship with their children in the service. Just before the pastor's message children will be prompted to leave for KidStyle Worship. You may pick your child(ren) up from KidStyle Worship in room 137 downstairs following the service.

Our Music

The music we sing at Crabapple is a blend of old and new. We love the doctrinally rich hymns of centuries past as well as the choruses of today. Most of us who are comfortable with one particular style have discovered that, while at Crabapple, we have come to enjoy a wide variety of music styles. We desire as much as humanly possible to be less concerned with the kind of music we like, and more concerned with the kind of worship God likes.

During the Service

We sing several songs, offer prayers of praise and confession to God, hear Scripture read and explained, hear testimonies, and give our offerings and tithes. Preaching at Crabapple is expositional, meaning that the pastor seeks to declare the point of a particular Biblical passage. Sermons usually last between 35-45 minutes. They are packed with material that exhorts, encourages, challenges, and confronts folks whatever their spiritual level. All preaching is gospel-driven.

After the Sermon

We sing a song of commitment. During this time, members and guests are invited to reflect on the message, come forward for encouragement and prayer, or share with others in the church how God is working in their lives. This is an appropriate time for folks who have received the Gospel and/or would like to join the church to share that decision with one of our "Encouragers." These folks are available for counsel at the front of the worship center.