Sunday School

And he went throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every affliction among the people. So his fame spread throughout all Syria, and they brought him all the sick, those afflicted with various diseases and pains, those oppressed by demons, epileptics, and paralytics, and he healed them. Matthew 4:23-24

Our small group Bible study classes are at the heart of Crabapple’s ministry. Our society is looking for the kind of community connectedness and the opportunity to form close-knit relationships that these groups provide. In addition, this ministry performs vital functions in the life of the church. These functions include reaching out to the community, teaching God’s Word, ministering to fellow believers and non-believers, and connecting people to ministry.

Reaching People

Classes are the hub of our church outreach efforts. There we pray for unbelievers, hold one another accountable for sharing the Gospel, and organize to connect with those who have visited our church or are in our personal sphere of influence. All of our Sunday morning classes are open groups, meaning that new folks are welcome to join and become a part at any time.

Teaching People

As a church, we are committed to proclaiming and teaching the Word of God. From children's classes to senior adult classes, the Bible is the focus of all teaching. In adult classes, for example, we follow a study method that takes us through the Scripture chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book. We believe that systematic study of the Word of God is one means by which God transforms believers more and more into the image of His Son.

Ministering to People

The nature of small groups allows for more focused ministry to individuals in need--ministry that might otherwise neglected or even lost otherwise. The folks you connect with in your Sunday morning class will be with you through the good times and the bad. Whether they are bringing meals to your home after you've had a baby or praying with you for a loved-one at the ICU, you will come to count on the people in your small group for ministry and you will have a chance to minister to others yourself.

Connecting People

At Crabapple, we want to help maturing believers move beyond themselves and find ways to get plugged into service for God's kingdom. Every member has a role in the body of Christ and Sunday school can be a place where you discover opportunities to put your desires and spiritual gifting to use.

Preschool & Grade School Sunday School

The purpose of Preschool/Children’s Sunday School is to provide an open, energetic environment with committed, passionate teachers centered on biblical curriculum, presented on an age appropriate level. 

Our goal is to aid parents in constructing a biblical worldview in order to equip their children to live for the supreme glory of God.


  • Nursery: Infants begin in Baby “A” class. Babies who are crawling are cared for in Baby “B” class. Toddlers are cared for in the Baby “C” class. Children in the Nursery are promoted as they develop. So please advise your child’s teachers as he develops.
  • Preschool: Children ages 1 through 4 are promoted each year with their curriculum the first Sunday in September. Each child is moved forward according to their birth date that he may be in an age appropriate environment. Promotion Sunday is a special event, so don’t worry, we will remind parents each year.
  • Grade-school: Children in grades 1 through 5 are promoted in the same manner as Preschool Children. Parents please encourage your 5th grade children not to hurry through life. They will be youth age soon enough. Bending the rules benefits no one.
Class                                       Teacher                                              Location
Birth-Age 5: Preschool    
Babies (Newborns)
Janice Cox   See welcome center

1 year old & 2 year old

Diane Long

See welcome center

3 year olds

Diane Long

See wecome center

 4 years & Kindergarten

Lori Slaughter &
Scottie Lane Smith

See welcome center

Grades 1-5: Children
1st & 2nd grades Gary & Linda Webster 116
3rd & 4th grades Gary & Linda Webster 117
5th grade Cindy Barnwell & George Whittington 119

Youth Sunday School

6th Grade Co-ed Jacque Folsom
 7th & 8th Grade Co-ed Jacque Folsom
9th & 10th Girls  Lisa Thomason & Paula Folsom 133
High School Guys  Craig Baughn & Will Richardson  Foyer of gym
  11th & 12th Grade Girls                     Shannon Baughn & Teri Creamer                    138

Adult Sunday School

Life Stage
Metro (Single) Young career John & Pam Dillard 124
The Vineyard
(Young Married)
Parents of teens Nick & Karen DiQuollo 200A
Hashem (Young Married) Parents of preschoolers and young children Steve Stall 200
Koinonia (Married) Parents of older children and younger teenagers Don Pennell 201A
Bereans (Married) Parents of older children to older teenagers Bill Wagner 129
Disciples (Married or Single) Empty nesters Hillory Burkett
and Rick Jameson
LifeChange (Married or Single) Empty nesters Mark Grigg 200E
Celebration (Married) Empty nesters Tony Berkuta 201B
Potter's Clay (Married)
60+ Empty nesters
Jim Edwards
Bud Branan
& Chip Stewart
Parents of teenagers and young adults Bud Branan & Chip Stewart 128B

Seekers Younger senior adults David Seals 130

Grace Intergenerational Michele Williams 200C
Friendship Younger senior adults Rosemary Ellington 140
Joy Senior adults Karen Dockery 121
Special Interest      
Lyres Affinity group for musicians Sam Proctor Choir room