Are you new to Crabapple? We're glad you visited our website. We hope you will spend some time learning about us and that you will join us for worship. Please see our Sunday school and service times listed above and look at our maps & directions.

Resources for Getting to Know Us
If you've started to become a regular at Crabapple, you may want to find out about volunteer opportunities or read our current newsletter. Please browse through the other resources on this site to find the tools you need to get more connected at Crabapple.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Resources for Going Deeper
At Crabapple, we don't believe that growing in our knowledge of Christ has to be made complicated, but we also don't believe that the growing trend to dumb things down is benefiting believers either. We want to be equipped with a real and vibrant faith that goes beneath the surface. We're committed to providing resources that can help do that. You can check out links to some very informative sites and browse book recommendations. Going forward, we plan to provide even more--so check back often!