Missions Resources

There are a number of helpful missions resources on the internet that you should be aware of.

International Mission Board and North American Mission Board

The IMB and the NAMB both have helpful resources for you to discover news related to missions, opportunities to give, and even to go. We believe that every member of our church should be involved in missions in some way, whether praying, giving, mobilizing, or going. These sites have information that can help you with any of these.

PeopleGroups.org and JoshuaProject.net

At PeopleGroups.org and JoshuaProject.net, you can find out about the different peoples of the world and what is being done to reach them. You'll also find out about the most unreached peoples in the world--where they are and how you can pray for them.


This site offers interactive video, photographs, podcasts, and news stories related to the work of IMB missionaries. It will give you a unique window on the world.