Missions Partnerships

At Crabapple, we are trying to implement an Acts 1:8 strategy for missions involvement. We are looking to go deep with our missions partnerships, rather than wide. This means that instead of simply sending small amounts to hundreds of organizations, we are making long-lasting financial and personal involvement investments with several ministry partners. You can read about our vision and core values here.

Jerusalem Partners

Light of Messiah
LOM is an Atlanta-based outreach to Jewish people in Atlanta and beyond. This ministry seeks to partner with local churches to minister to the needs of the Jewish community. Through ministries such as cemetery maintenance and Rosh Hashana celebration baskets, God has opened the door to share the good news of Messiah.

Whispering Hope Resource and Pregnancy Center
Whispering Hope provides medical care, testing and resources for women facing unexpected pregnancies. Providing free ultrasounds, testing, resources and mentoring enable Whispering Hope to serve and minister to women and men.

North Fulton Community Charities
Crabapple has cooperated with NFCC since its founding to meet the benevolence needs of our community. This organization depends on churches and companies to meet the physical needs of folks in crisis situations. In addition to participating financially and collecting goods, Crabapple folks volunteer time at the NFCC facilities.

North Central Missions Center
We cooperate with like-minded area churches through the NCMC which gives oversight to several associations of Baptist churches, including the Roswell Baptist Association. The center provides tools and resources to local churches to aid in reaching their community and is involved in starting new churches in the North Central Georgia area.

Future Partnerships
Our Jerusalem in the North Metro Atlanta area has seen rapid change in recent years--change that shows no signs of letting up. Part of that change has included God literally bringing the world to our doorstep. Folks from Central and South America, the Middle East, and South Asia are streaming into our community. Future partnerships will no doubt include our taking advantage of the challenging, but exciting opportunity this new reality presents.

Judea Partners

Gideons International
Crabapple has long supported the work of the Gideons through the regional branch of this organization. This ministry works to get the Word of God into the hands of everyone in the world. Over the years, Crabapple members have been direct participants in this ministry's distribution efforts.

Georgia Baptist Convention
We cooperate with the Georgia Baptist Convention, which operates a number of ministries aimed at reaching the state of Georgia with the Gospel. This includes a broad range of ministries from church planting efforts around the state to on-campus collegiate ministries.

Future Partnerships
Our Judea, our state and the surrounding area, is ripe with opportunities for missions. As we go forward Crabapple will be looking for opportunities to participate in new works just outside our local community.

Samaria Partners

Diaster Relief
Many men at Crabapple--and some women too!--have been involved in continuing efforts to reach out to and help rebuild the area impacted by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Crabapple has repeatedly sent teams down to the Gulf Coast, particularly in the area of Bay St. Louis.

North American Mission Board

The NAMB of the Southern Baptist Convention works to mobilize churches to reach North America for Christ. And its located right in our backyard. Some of our folks either are presently or have been on staff at the board. The board provides many different resources and opportunities to churches to impact our Judea, particularly in the area of church planting. Each year, Crabapple collects a special offering known as the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, 100% of which goes directly to missionaries in North America.

Future Partnerships
In the future, Crabapple hopes to become involved with individual church planters serving with the North American Mission Board. We continue to pray that the Lord will open up doors to fulfill this long-time vision.

Ends of the Earth Partners

Gospel Harvesters International, India
Gospel Harvesters is a frontline evangelistic ministry that operates in India and Africa. Crabapple has partnered with the efforts of GHI in India. GHI is reaches Hindus, Muslims, and nominal Christians young people with the Gospel through music, drama, and preaching. The ministry also operates an orphanage and Bible training college.

Word of Life, Barcelona, Spain
Crabapple has partnered with the parachurch ministry Word of Life for many years and since 2013 has been partnering with the ministry in Spain. There, the ministry looks to reach primarily children and young people with the Gospel through camps and by partnering with local churches.

International Mission Board
We cooperate with IMB of the Southern Baptist Convention to deploy thousands of missionaries to the international field. These missionaries are engaged in coming up with and implementing strategies to spark church planting movements among all the peoples of the world. Each year we take up a special missions offering known as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, 100% of which goes directly to missionaries serving on the field.

Short Term Teams
Every year Crabapple sends people all over the world. In 2015 alone teams have partnered with a church plant in Dayton, Ohio,  and have traveled to West Africa, Central Asia and Barcelona, Spain. In 2016 Crabapple will be seeking to send at least five teams to do work internationally in addition to work in North America.