How can I join?

Why do I need to join a church?

Many people have wrestled with the question of why they should join a church. In the Apostle Paul's first letter to the Corinthian church, he set out to teach the church that being a part of a local church is like being a vital part--or member--of a body (chapter 12). "Member" is actually a biblical term, and being a healthy member in a local church is vital to the Christian life. So, if you have received the Gospel, repented of your sins, and have been born again, we invite you to become a growing, loving, and serving member of Crabapple.

Tell us about your desire

There are a couple different ways to share with us your desire to become a part of Crabapple. One way is to come forward during the song of commitment toward the end of the Sunday morning service. Whether to express your desire to join the church or to share some other way God is working in your life, a pastor and a couple of church member will be ready to receive you for counsel and encouragement. Those church members (we call them "Encouragers") will take you aside and listen to how God is working in your life.

If you would like to express your desire to join the church at some other time, you may contact the church and set up an appointment with any of the pastors.


There are several biblical requirements to be received into the membership at Crabapple. These are not meant to be burdensome or exclusive. They are meant to aid us in preserving the unity of the church and in being good stewards of our relationships with the new folks God brings our way.

1. Member candidates are received either 1) by professing repentance and faith in Jesus Christ for salvation, and then being baptized by immersion; or 2) without re-baptism by a transfer of letter from a sister church of like faith and practice (i.e., usually another Southern Baptist church).

2. Member candidates share their testimony of faith in Jesus Christ with faithful church members to see if the candidates are in the faith.

This might sound intimidating, but all we really want to know is that you know and have responded to the Gospel. 

3. Member candidates should participate in our "Connections Class."

This four week class is a tremendous opportunity to be exposed to our beliefs about the church, expectations, and philosophy of ministry. You can find out more about this class here.

4. Member candidates signal their agreement with the church's Confession of Faith and Covenant of Membership.

Joining a church means making oneself accountable to the church. The church unity described in the New Testament is primarily a unity of belief and practice. Members should endeavor to be in agreement with the essentials of the Christian faith. Additionally, authentic unity in a church is built on the agreement of the members to grow together more and more into the likeness of Christ. This means challenging one another, praying for one another, teaching one another, and even rebuking one another in love when the need arises. Membership in the church looks nothing like the radical individualism we experience in our culture. You can read the church's confession of faith here, and the membership covenant here.

What happens next?

If you are yet to be baptized, one of our pastors will walk with you through this joyous occassion. He will call you to arrange a time for baptism. This will usually take place during a Sunday morning service. In the meantime, we will have you come down before the church on a Sunday morning so that folks can meet you and get to know you. At the church's quarterly business meeting, we will vote to receive you into membership.