How is Crabapple making disciples?

God has designed all of us to be alike in many ways. However, there are particular features of our individual lives that prepare us to relate with and get connected to some people better than we might with others. For example, men and women are alike in hundreds of ways. Nevertheless there are challenges that each gender faces that are unique to that gender. Therefore it can be fruitful to provide gender-specific programming from time to time. The same goes for age-specific programming, parent-oriented programming, and programming for many other demographic groupings.

 Through the various ministries of our church, we seek, therefore, to cultivate diverse opportunities for spiritual growth, each providing programs, discipleship, and care designed to help to you in your own specific context. 

Small Group Sunday School
We highly value and pursue deep, genuine life together. This value is reflected in our deep commitment to togetherness throughout the church, whatever your context may be. It is very easy to be alone and isolated in mid-size and laarger churches. To combat this, we provide small groups, broken down by stage of life. Find a Sunday school community to get connected to today.

More Opportunites
At Crabapple, we are striving to look past the latest Christian fads to the things that endure. Our Sunday evening and Wednesday evening discipleship seminars focus on general topics that all Christians should be deepening their knowledge of; things like theology, marriage, and apologetics. Our men's and women's ministries focus on issues unique to each gender and seek to provide opportunities for mentorship across generational lines. Our children's ministry aims to get to the heart of children, nurturing a love for Christ as the supreme treasure of their lives and for the Word of God at the earliest age. Our student ministry builds on this foundation, allowing youth to get hands on in missions and outreach and to explore the meaning of the Scriptures with depth.

With all of these ministries working to facilitate spiritual growth, we are also very mindful of the need for each family to be built up and to build itself spiritually. We provide a number of resources to help your family be the primary stage for Christian discipleship.