Starting the Great Commission in the Home! YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, THE WORLD.

We believe in Parents! Our goal is to partner with parents to reach their children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may live for the supreme glory of God (Deuteronomy 6:1-9 & Psalm 78:4).

We believe in Teachers! Our classroom method is to engage kids in an open, energetic environment with committed, passionate teachers using biblical, Christ-centered curriculum, on an age appropriate level. Our teachers are on the mission field every week as they share the Word of God with children. 

Because we believe Kids can know God!

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Sunday Morning

Learning God's Word Can Be Tons of Fun! Super Sunday School for Kids is great for kids to learn what the Bible is all about and to make friends. Webster’s defines, super-: higher in quantity, quality, or degree, exceeding the norm in excessive degree or intensity. That is what we are striving toward each Sunday at Super Sunday School for Kids, to be "Above The Norm! 

Promotion Sunday is August 6th.
Super Sunday School for Kids starts at 9:15 AM.
Give your children a firm grasp of the Bible by making sure they are in Sunday Bible Classes each week. Continuity is vital since the lessons build each on one another. 

Ordinary Kids Can Be Extraordinary Kids Through Jesus Christ!
Parents, if you take your child's spiritual life seriously then Super Sunday School for Kids is for you! We believe that children can learn God's Word and His Gospel. That is why we use LifeWay's The Gospel Project curriculum. Children need to know that the Bible is one story, God's Story. That story focuses on Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. Make sure your child doesn't miss a week!  

In Wee C.A.R.E. kids (birth-4 years) enjoy a time of learning, play and care during the morning worship time. Wee C.A.R.E. is Crabapple Church's ministry to preschool children during the Sunday morning worship time. Since the corporate body of believers are in joyful praise of our great Lord Jesus and our K-2nd graders are also enjoying worshipping Christ  in Children's Worship so these Wee ones should also be prepared for their next stage in worship. At the center of Wee C.A.R.E. is active reading and affirming prayer. Wee C.A.R.E. is based upon God's Word that, "Children are an heritage from the Lord..." Psalm 127:3.   
Elements Kids Worship (K-2nd Grade) leave just after the morning offering from Corporate Worship and go to Elements Kids Worship.

Family Worship is important to us at CFBC. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 & Ephesians 6:4 teach that parents are intended by God to be the greatest spiritual influence in the lives of their children. That is why we believe that one of the most powerful tools in the conversion of children is to worship with their parents. We encourage dads and moms to respond to God's calling in their lives to "rejoice in the Lord" with their children. Jesus reminded us that God has called forth praise from the mouths of children and that's why Elements Kids Worship is designed to teach the importance of worship and to prepare kids to join dad and mom in Corporate Worship.


Awana starts at 6:15 PM. Awana is a children’s ministry that emphasizes scripture memory in a fun environment. The Awana Pledge states it best: “To reach boys and girls with the gospel of Christ, and train them to serve Him.” Awana is a GREAT way for your child to grow in their understanding of the Bible and establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. AWANA  begins Aug. 2 and runs through May 23, 2017. Pick up your personal Awana schedule so you can participate in the THEME NIGHTS!

Scroll down and watch "MORE," the short video about God's global work!!! 

To register your child,

Plan to attend the AWANA KICKOFF ON AUG. 2, 2017 FROM 6:30 T0 8:00PM or

please see an Awana secretary outside room 128 on Wednesday evenings.

To find out more about Awana, join the Awana group when you sign up for an account on our website.


Summer Camps

Next Level

Spring Evening Camp

The Next Level is an exciting, bible-truth learning, evening camp built around a mountain climbing theme. TNL is for kids from 3 years old through 6th grade. TNL runs three consecutive Wednesdays after AWANA ends (May 24, 31, and June 7).

Each Wednesday evening Climbers, Trekkers & Journeymen are on the move from the base camp to the climb and end the evening with an extended rec time involving a feature activity such as wall climbing, waterslide, inflatables or some other kid friendly, extremely fun, school-is-out, preparing for the summer kind of thing! 

The Next Level is designed to accent all that children have been learning in our fun-filled, bible-centered Awana program.

This year's theme is Our Amazing God!  Kids will learn the essential truths about our great and glorius God! 

  • What makes our God different? 
  • Can God be trusted? 
  • Why do we worship God?
Don't miss a single opportuntiy! Parents TNL will set you up for family discipleship so make sure your children are here each night. 

Annnd, we're shacking it up a little this year so come expecting a few surprises! 

Summer Day Camp

"Knock three times on the clubhouse door for entry."

CFBC VBS 2017 turns your kids into a Galactic Surveyor! As kids focus their telescopes on the marvels painted in the sky by the Creator, they will discover the wonder among all wonders - that the God who created everything there is - the knowable and the unknowable the visible and the invisible - wants a person relationship with them! 

VBS is schedule for June 12 - 16 from 8:45am to 12:15 pm. Kids gather on the front lawn at 8:30 am. 
Ages are from K (rising) through (completed) 7th grade. 

Click here to Register!

Meanwhile check it out at

More Family Building Ministries


As part of CFBC's Ministry to Families our Weekday Preschool partners with parents by providing a loving, Christian, learning environment so that every child may reach his/her potential spiritually, mentally, physically and socially.  
Mothers Of Preschoolers seeks to build strong Christ-honoring families by reaching out to mothers with preschool age children.  
CFBC partners with Whispering Hope Women's Resource Center to minister to women in need. 
At First Baptist Church our pastors are available for counseling. We recognize, however, that counseling services outside the church can be helpful too. Crabapple is pleased to partner with Vic Smith at Abiding Word Ministries to provide one such avenue. Crabapple is pleased to partner with Vic Smith at Abiding Word Ministries. In addition to being an ordained pastor, Vic is certified through and an active member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC). Vic is firmly committed to a biblical counseling philosophy. His ministry is exclusively "one on one" with individuals and couples. Many have stated that Vic's personal approach, biblical knowledge, wisdom, humility, and true caring has made the difference in finding hope and dealing with difficult situations.
To contact Abiding Word:
Phone: 770-427-5472
Fax: 770-590-7948

John Eddinger, D.Min

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Ordained Minister

Getting married?
Know someone who is?
Like some help?

Services Include: 

1. Premarital Couseling
2. Personality Testing (with evaluation & feedback):
3. Examination of values and clarification of your expectations of marriage
4. Identification of individual attachment styles
5. Description of possible areas of couple conflict because of different styles of relati

For Informaiton Call:

John S. Eddinger, D.Min.
770-736-7534 or 404-202-3291


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