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Abiding Word Ministries At Crabapple, our pastors are available for counseling. We recognize, however, that for all kinds of reasons, counseling services outside our church can be a great help. Crabapple is pleased to partner with Vic Smith at Abiding Word Ministries. In addition to being an ordained pastor, Vic is certified through and an active member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC). Vic is firmly committed to a biblical counseling philosophy. His ministry is exclusively "one on one" with individuals and couples. Counselees have stated that Vic's personal approach, Biblical knowledge, wisdom, humility, and true caring has made the difference in finding hope and dealing with difficult situations.

To contact Abiding Word:
Phone: 770-427-5472
Fax: 770-590-7948

John Eddinger, D.Min.

Getting Married?
Know someone who is?
Like Some Help?

Premarital Counseling Available
Ordained Minister, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


  1. Personality tests with evaluating and feedback,
  2. Analysis of your positionin your family of origin,
  3. Examination of values and clarificiation of your expectations of marriage,
  4. Identification of your individual attachment styles, and
  5. Description of possible areas of couple conflict because of different styles of relating.

For Information Call:
770-736-7534 or 404-202-3291
Ask for: John S. Eddinger, D.Min.

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